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Good school to learn Chinese
04 August 2017
Reviewer: Jimdo from USA

30 of 57 people found this review helpful

Learn Chinese with eChinseLearning has without doubt been one of my best experiences so far!

The teachers are great, really friendly and dedicated. My teachers were Becky and she is fantastic, I like the teaching style of Becky because it is engaging and she clearly explains difficult concepts well in a simple way. I am very satisfied with her performance.

The courses are flexible to your needs, and after the 2 months I found I had made great progress with my Chinese!

If you are looking for a Chinese course that can be truly flexible to your individual needs, then I can highly recommend you call in here. And the fees are really very reasonable, particularly as you can get one on one tutoring.

In summary, I would recommend E-Chinese Learning to a friend.

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EChineseLearning is the usual subscription scam
26 June 2016
Reviewer: Vo from Sydney, Australia

52 of 104 people found this review helpful

See my experience here https://www.reddit.com/r/ChineseLanguage/comments/4p86zg/my_sad_story_of_attempting_to_use/

I've recently succumbed to their advertising - "Our focus is on you", The Economist testimonials - and subscribed to their "service". Not only did they "assign" a tutor who's booked out for the next two weeks, they are not even refunding my first month subscription fee. The fee is rather high (double?) too, its over US $300 a month for up to 3 lessons a week. I hope Paypal will return my money, given this HK company's only reaction to a Paypal dispute was to block my access completely :)

Lessons learned:

1. Don't trust advertising (duh), even if it comes from The Economist
2. Never get into a subscription deal, only consider pay-per-lesson variants like they have on italki.com
3. eChineseLearning.com is particularly bad because you're not in control of anything - you only get to select a time slot, and if your "tutor" is not available that day (which is common, unless you book like a month in advance) you get a random substitution.

Hilariously, their michael_echineselearning dude (via Skype) has been blackmailing me to remove all comments or they won't refund any money, sheesh.
"basically, what we said [to Paypal] is that we will refund the... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend E-Chinese Learning to a friend.

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Good place to learn Mandarin Chinese
22 June 2016
Reviewer: Ryan from USA

56 of 105 people found this review helpful

I reached out to echineselearning by chance, but it's a good encounter. There are somethings between us I want to share with you.

As for the trial lesson, I thought it was very, very good. The teacher was friendly, professional and encouraging. She made it feel like learning Chinese was doable, and she told me why it would be beneficial for me to learn the language. It was really fun. The lesson did move a bit quickly, but I assume that's because of the shorter time limit. Toward the end the teacher began introducing her suggestions for how often I should take the classes, but she didn't dwell on it, so it didn't feel like it was a sales pitch, which is good.

The sales person was also friendly, polite and professional. She tried to get me to sign up, but I didn't feel like she was being too pushy about it. She followed up with me later to see if I wanted to sign up again, just as she'd promised.

That's my experience with ECL!

In summary, I would recommend E-Chinese Learning to a friend.

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Great Way to Learn Chinese
13 May 2016
Reviewer: Shema Wright from Indiana, USA

58 of 95 people found this review helpful

I had a great experience with eChineseLearning. It is definitely a program I would recommend. I have been studying Chinese for 5 years, that's 5 years I have tried different programs and had different teachers, so I have come into contact with a lot of different methods of teaching. As soon as the free trial started, I could tell it was an efficient and effective way. We jumped right into the lesson with no awkwardness and the teacher, Helena, was very engaging and funny.

We spoke in Chinese the entire lesson, and aside from immediately being able to gauge my level and teach me something new, she also took a couple of minutes to correct some of my tones and word usage. This is a problem you come into after learning Chinese for a long time, you get into a habit of using something wrong and usually teachers don't focus so much on correcting you. Yet, Helena was able to quickly correct my mistakes without making me feel dissuaded, and she did it in a way that helped me remember for the future.

I was really impressed by how much we got done in just 30 minutes. Sometimes a class can feel... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend E-Chinese Learning to a friend.

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Compare two online schools
28 September 2015
Reviewer: Danilforbes from New York

66 of 125 people found this review helpful

I know that the teachers at echineselearning are obscenely underpaid. And if the students skip classes, the teachers are not paid at all, while the students are charged for missing that class. This is completely unfair to me. That's also the reason the teachers there take a move often.

Internet can be unpredictable. These teachers don't go to the office; they mostly work from home on their own laptops, and it can be the luck of the draw whether their building has reliable Internet.

These teachers are predominantly young women who might not be as experienced as they stated.
I first did echineselearning, then I moved on to iChineseLearning, which is another online Chinese school that offers similar service. So far, I am doing pretty well with them. The teachers there are stable and don't change so often. As far as I know, teachers at iChineselearning get better payment. Another good part of iChineseLearning is that the schedule is more flexible and there are not as many rules and limitations. And the price is more reasonable. If you are considering learning Chinese this way, I encourage you to try both and compare. Fortunately, both of these schools offer free trial lessons. (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend E-Chinese Learning to a friend.

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