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Rocket Chinese Review

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Rocket Chinese is hailed as one of the best commercial language learning programs on the market and it probably is. It offers you the opportunity to learn Chinese Mandarin simply by signing up online at a cost of $99.95 or by purchasing the 20 C.D. Box set (with online access) for $299.95. This is one of the cheapest rates when compared to other popular language learning software programs.  Rocket Chinese contains a wide variety of learning activities, which cover the main language learning skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is an engaging and dynamic package that provides a comprehensive computer program for learning Chinese Mandarin.

Rocket Chinese is ideal for the highly motivated language learner who is not afraid of the discipline required for self-study. The learning method used is primarily based on spoken repetition and memorizing Chinese Mandarin through an interactive audio course. Whether you buy the box set or opt for the online course the method is the same.

You are guided by English speaking tutor Dave and native Mandarin speaker Lin stage by stage. Lin's pronunciation ensures that you learn the correct stress pattern, intonation and pronunciation of Chinese Mandarin accurately which is invaluable when you come to use Mandarin with native speakers in the future. This feature is dynamic and will have you memorising and speaking Mandarin phrases and sentences with relative ease Of course revising is necessary but entirely on your terms, so you can refresh your vocabulary and general comprehension whenever you see fit.

The audio lessons are accompanied online by written English translations as well as pin-yin and Chinese symbol translations. The course consists of lessons based on a variety of practical conversational themes, for example, Greetings, Talking About Yourself, Ordering Drinks, Booking A Hotel, Telling The Time, as well as grammar based practices including, but not limited to, past present and future tenses, prepositions, comparatives and superlatives.

  Rocket Chinese is a dynamic and engaging software program, and probably the best one on the market today.  

Rocket Chinese also features writing lessons which introduce the learner to the complexities of writing in Chinese symbolic script but it is explained in English text and accompanied with video clips and pictures. Anyone who has ever tried to grapple with Chinese characters and pinyin will know it is no easy task to learn but Rocket Chinese approaches this subject in a way that is fun and engaging and not dry and overly academic. This course is easily downloadable from the website onto your iPod or mp3 player and therefore suitable for you to learn on the go, in the car, or while travelling.

Rocket Chinese forum is a superb complement to the audio package. It offers you direct contact with other Rocket Chinese Mandarin learners, native speakers and even Mandarin teachers. It provides you with a virtual internet classroom where you can compare and contrast your experiences of using Rocket Chinese with other learners whilst also asking questions and finding out more about Chinese Mandarin. In this sense, Chinese Rocket forum is an invaluable language resource for Rocket Chinese learners. It adds an extra string to your Mandarin learning bow. This additional support is invaluable. There are also customer support services where you can ask question and give feedback on your experience or areas for improvement you feel should be addressed.

Rocket Chinese offers a unique immersive method of learning that will have you grasping the basics in no time, and allow you to progress as and when you are ready. Why not find out for yourself now? Sign up for a free trial which gives you instant access to the website allowing you to familiarize yourself with the features and lessons by trying them out. Highly motivated individuals can immerse themselves in Rocket Chinese and develop fluency in Mandarin.  Learners who feel they need a more human centered approach or simply prefer a classroom environment should definitely seek out a Mandarin course at their college or in their community.

Rocket Chinese is a dynamic and engaging software program, and probably the best one on the market today. It engages different styles of learning, whether it is audio-lingual or audio-visual. Ultimately, Rocket Chinese is a product for those who are capable of motivating themselves rather than for novice language learners; with Rocket Chinese the sky's the limit.

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