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Chinese Pod started in 2005 and has continued to expand and develop. Why is it different from other courses? It offers the most flexible courses and up-to-date language learning methods with the latest internet and mobile technology. With Chinese Pod you don't simply buy a package or a collection of audio CD's - you literally subscribe to the website and have access to thousands of lessons, audios, and even the possibility of active language lessons that take place over Skype. Again there is no fixed price, you can pay as you go, lesson per lesson, or buy for a set amount of months. Chinese Pod is designed for those who are extremely busy and want to fit their learning around their busy schedule. Chinese Pod is an engaging and thorough system that will have you engage with Mandarin in no time at all.

Why is it called Chinese Pod? Primarily because all lessons are done through podcasts. How does Chinese Pod work? It works like a classroom but it is slightly different:

  1. Listen to your lesson on your morning commute to work.
  2. Study the lesson for a few minutes at work.
  3. Practice with a native speaking teacher over Skype.
  4. Review your vocabulary at home.

This might not appeal to everyone but remember the great thing about Chinese Pod is the sheer diversity that they offer. You can choose either Premium Chinese Pod which includes everything or simply the one month Pod Praxis. You can include classes over Skype or even classes in a real classroom.

You can create a free account and see what Chinese Pod has to offer. Then you can access an almost encyclopedic amount of Mandarin-based learning content. There is a lot of great free material that beginners can access for no cost, and if the style seems to fit you, then you can subscribe and begin learning. The more advanced learner also has access to free material and a clear feel for how Chinese Pod works. You focus mainly on listening and speaking and you can, using the extensive podcasts on a wide variety of themes, customize a curriculum to your needs.

There is almost too much content on Chinese Pod. It can be quite daunting to work your way through all the material on offer and choose what you want to do. But if you know what level you want to start at, or even what subjects you would like to learn, you can customize to suit your needs, thus cutting out any unnecessary material. You can download podcasts to your mp3 player or iPod, so this cuts out the potential boredom factor of sitting in front of your computer for lessons, especially if you have been working with your computer all day. The use of English in higher levels is quite surprising and, from this perspective, Chinese Pod is not quite so immersive but much more instructional and explanatory, which, depending on your learning style, might well suit you. Again, access for free, and find out for yourself.

Chinese Pod is an excellent package overall. It makes excellent use of podcast and Skype technology for language learning. You have a plethora of options at varying prices to suit your needs. This course is worth pursuing for those who are familiar with language learning. If you can motivate yourself for self-study Chines Pod is definitely one of the top brands on the market. It includes everything in its website – no waiting on the post, no waiting to sign for delivery. Subscribe, access, learn!

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