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Before You Know It (BYKI): Chinese Reviews

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Before You Know It (BYKI): Chinese Review

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Chinese Before You know It (Byki) Deluxe is an electronic flash card system for language learning designed by Transparent Language. The program is simple and effective. It uses a flash card system which presents Mandarin words (written in both Chinese traditional script and in pin yin) with the English translations below. There is a button which allows you to hear the word pronounced by a native speaker so you can repeat it. You can also slow the speaker down, to help you hear the words more clearly. There is no doubt that Byki Deluxe is a excellent piece of language software. It will have you speaking basic Mandarin with good pronunciation in no time, if you are dedicated to learning it.

Byki Deluxe has an extensive vocabulary listing system. It teaches you words, phrases and sentences by theme for example, Greetings, Directions, Taking a Taxi, Numbers, Colors. You learn to say the relevant words and phrases using the Byki interface which is very easy to use and supported with instructions at all times. Byki is a great program for focusing on specific language, so it is ideal for someone who  wants to learn some survival Mandarin for a holiday or those who are learning Mandarin because they plan to live or work in Mandarin speaking parts of China. This will familiarize you with essential phrases and guide you to better pronunciation. There is also a selection of games and activities which allow you to learn and test your knowledge in engaging ways. The core language skills are all covered: speaking, listening, reading, writing. The writing feature is basic but Chinese Mandarin is a hugely complex writing system so a brief introduction is all that is needed and may well inspire you to develop your Mandarin writing skills further.

Byki is a useful and effective way to learn the basics of a language. The listing method even allows you to create your own list which means you can tailor it to suit the language you feel you need. So whether you are learning for business or travel, you will find thousands of relevant vocabulary that you can build up as you learn. You can also access the online community and share lists and ideas. It would be naive to think you could learn a whole language with Byki Deluxe but without doubt this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the language and expand your pronunciation. The Byki Mobile is another great feature which allows you to compile and learn lists from the palm of your hand. Again you can tailor the lists to suit your own needs, or learn the lists already provided. The choice is yours. Whether at the gym, on a leisurely walk or self-studying at home, you can do it in comfort at your own convenience with Byki Mobile at the bargain price of $7:99.

Byki Deluxe is a great program. The only drawbacks are that the flash card method is fairly limited, so if you are looking for an in-depth, grammar heavy, Mandarin course this might not be for you. This is marketed at those looking to expand vocabulary and pronunciation, and is more suited to those who are considering working or travelling to Mandarin speaking parts of China. It will assist, without doubt, in acquiring better communicative skills in Mandarin. If you are still unsure, why not download Byki Express for free simply by typing your name and address and selecting your language of choice. This allows you to get used to the interface and test drive the software. It really is user friendly and worthwhile for beginners or a more advanced learn. This is immersive and designed to help you build a solid foundation from which to develop your comprehension. Byki will expand your inner Mandarin dictionary in a speedy and engaging way!

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