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Reviews of the Top 10 Teach Yourself Chinese Guides of 2023

Welcome to our reviews of the Best Teach Yourself Chinese Guides of 2023. Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to read our full in-depth review of each teach yourself chinese guide, alongside which you'll find costs and features lists, user reviews and videos to help you make the right choice.

Rocket Chinese image
Rocket Chinese is hailed as one of the best commercial language learning programs on the market and it probably is. It offers you the opportunity to learn Chinese Mandarin simply by signing up online at a cost of $99.95 or by purchasing the 20 C.D. Box set (with online access) for $299.95. This is one of the cheapest rates when compared to other popular...

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Rosetta Stone (Chinese) image

Rosetta Stone (Chinese) is at once educational, systematic and engaging. Rosetta Stone uses what it calls the 'Dynamic Immersion' method which means there is no translation into English, no memorization, or no repetitious drilling of words and phrases. It puts you in the linguistic drivers seat from the start, hearing Mandarin from the get go and building upon your understanding session by session. Rosetta...

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Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition image
Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition is hugely ambitious in its approach. It is an extensive interactive course that is comprised of three programs: (i) Complete Mandarin Course, (ii) Byki Deluxe and, (iii) Chinese Everywhere. The scope and detail of the content is impressive. There are so many ways for you to engage with the language content for example via flash cards, games, or fill-in-the-blanks,...

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Fluenz (Mandarin Chinese) image

Fluenz software is a stylish and innovative language software program. Why? Because, unlike many of the language software products on the market, Fluenz is not afraid to explain using English and grammar explanations. You are also guided through the course by a one-to-one English speaking tutor. Yi Wei or Sonia Gil guide you through every lesson with detailed grammar and sentence structure explanations after...

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Berlitz Chinese & Japanese Premier image

Berlitz Chinese & Japanese Premier claims to have you speaking Chinese Mandarin or Japanese within 30 days which sounds almost unbelievable when you consider the cost is a mere $39.95. It is extremely cheap compared to other products on the market which makes Berlitz much more appealing to those on a budget. It is primarily an audio based course which also works on your...

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Before You Know It (BYKI): Chinese image
Chinese Before You know It (Byki) Deluxe is an electronic flash card system for language learning designed by Transparent Language. The program is simple and effective. It uses a flash card system which presents Mandarin words (written in both Chinese traditional script and in pin yin) with the English translations below. There is a button which allows you to hear the word pronounced by...

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The Pimsleur Course (Mandarin Chinese) image

The Pimsleur Approach was created by Doctor Pimsleur who discovered that people learn language best not by memorising grammar rules or creating vocabulary lists, but much like children learn a language – by listening and familiarization. The Pimsleur Approach is remarkably simple: no grammar rules, no vocabulary lists, no visual content. Learn Mandarin simply by listening to the four audio CD’s, within ten days...

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Chinese Pod image
Chinese Pod started in 2005 and has continued to expand and develop. Why is it different from other courses? It offers the most flexible courses and up-to-date language learning methods with the latest internet and mobile technology. With Chinese Pod you don't simply buy a package or a collection of audio CD's - you literally subscribe to the website and have access to thousands...

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E-Chinese Learning image
eChinese Learning is a unique product in the area of language learning. Its primary method of tuition is Live Lessons with native Mandarin teachers. The lessons are conducted through Instant Messenger or Skype, and the teacher also has use of a blackboard to help explain and consolidate your learning. eChinese Learning is primarily a virtual language learning experience with a real (yet) virtual teacher....

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Transparent Language Everywhere Audio: Chinese  image
Everywhere Audio Course is part of the Transparent Language Company. Everywhere Chinese is a highly effective audio course for learning Mandarin. At just under fifty dollars it is ideal for those wanting to learn Mandarin on the move, whether at the gym, in the car or, at your leisure. The lessons are easy to follow, beginning with vocabulary and a brief grammar explanation, followed...

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Latest User Reviews

eChinese Learning image
Good school to learn Chinese
User Review of eChinese Learning by Jimdo on 04 August 2017

Learn Chinese with eChinseLearning has without doubt been one of my best experiences so far! The teachers are great, really friendly and dedicated. My teachers were Becky and she is fantastic, I like the teaching style of Becky because it... (Read the full review)

eChinese Learning image
EChineseLearning is the usual subscription scam
User Review of eChinese Learning by Vo on 26 June 2016

See my experience here https://www.reddit.com/r/ChineseLanguage/comments/4p86zg/my_sad_story_of_attempting_to_use/ I've recently succumbed to their advertising - "Our focus is on you", The Economist testimonials - and subscribed to their "service". Not only did they "assign" a tutor who's booked out for the next two... (Read the full review)

eChinese Learning image
Good place to learn Mandarin Chinese
User Review of eChinese Learning by Ryan on 22 June 2016

I reached out to echineselearning by chance, but it's a good encounter. There are somethings between us I want to share with you. As for the trial lesson, I thought it was very, very good. The teacher was friendly, professional... (Read the full review)

eChinese Learning image
Great Way to Learn Chinese
User Review of eChinese Learning by Shema Wright on 13 May 2016

I had a great experience with eChineseLearning. It is definitely a program I would recommend. I have been studying Chinese for 5 years, that's 5 years I have tried different programs and had different teachers, so I have come into... (Read the full review)

eChinese Learning image
Compare two online schools
User Review of eChinese Learning by Danilforbes on 28 September 2015

I know that the teachers at echineselearning are obscenely underpaid. And if the students skip classes, the teachers are not paid at all, while the students are charged for missing that class. This is completely unfair to me. That's also... (Read the full review)