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Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition Review

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Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition is hugely ambitious in its approach. It is an extensive interactive course that is comprised of three programs: (i) Complete Mandarin Course, (ii) Byki Deluxe and, (iii) Chinese Everywhere. The scope and detail of the content is impressive. There are so many ways for you to engage with the language content for example via flash cards, games, or fill-in-the-blanks, audio and writing activities. This Transparent Mandarin course is bound to engage and stimulate you as you learn. Unlike some other programs you can jump around the course as you see fit which means you can move on to a new topic or go back, so the opportunity to revise and refresh your memory as you go is an added bonus. Transparent couldn't be clearer in its approach. Read on to find out why...

The package includes Byki Deluxe and Everywhere Chinese. They both complement the course completely. Byki Deluxe is essentially an encyclopedic vocabulary and flash card program that also features excellent pronunciation from a native speaker, and allows you to slow it down, so you can perfect your pronunciation. Byki allows you to read and write too. It charts your progress and highlights areas of strength and weakness. Everywhere Chinese is an audio based course that consists of listening and repeating phrases and sentences as well as listening to conversations to improve listening.

The style of Transparent Mandarin Complete Edition is primarily a communicative and vocabulary based, including excellent pronunciation work. If you are looking for a quick way to immerse yourself in the language and learn vocabulary this software is for you. It may be limited in types of activities but if you supplement this with other material or real life practice (if you live in China) then this program will be of great benefit to you. It will introduce you to practical language and subject matter - for example, Taking A Taxi, Meeting and Greeting, At The Restaurant, Emergencies, Travelling and Shopping. Additional to all this is the premium course which goes into more technical detail about all things grammatical: sentence structure, past, present and future tenses, as well as, comparatives and superlatives to name only a few. This package really has everything you will need to get your started with Chinese Mandarin and to help your progress towards proficiency.

Transparent Mandarin Complete Edition is quite the package but we feel that there is an overload of material, some of which could be beyond your understanding. The approach is fundamentally communicative and immersive. Language is presented in Chinese Script as well as pin yin and English. With all the added extras included in this package you can also venture into grammar, sentence structure, and writing, which means all bases are covered. Of course its success depends entirely on your own motivation. It is quite affordable compared to other programs out there and the sheer variety of activities and abundance of content should convince you this is worth the price. If you are a language novice this will give you the support to need to lay the foundation for your language development, if you are more advanced this will challenge and encourage you. There is so much material in Transparent Chinese so dive in and use it.

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