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Transparent Language Everywhere Audio: Chinese Review

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Everywhere Audio Course is part of the Transparent Language Company. Everywhere Chinese is a highly effective audio course for learning Mandarin. At just under fifty dollars it is ideal for those wanting to learn Mandarin on the move, whether at the gym, in the car or, at your leisure. The lessons are easy to follow, beginning with vocabulary and a brief grammar explanation, followed by engaging real life dialogues in Mandarin. You simply listen and repeat. Byki Companion Flash Cards is also included in the package which is an excellent piece of software and is suitable for Windows XP and Vista. Byki uses a flash card system which includes images, words and sentences in the chosen language and various games and activities to help you memorize, read and pronounce. Byki enhances the learning experience much more, making Everywhere Chinese not simply a one dimensional listen and repeat course but something much more dynamic.

Everywhere Chinese is great for those who want to learn Mandarin but don't want to be tied down in front of their computer for hours on end. It is suitable for those wishing to brush up on their existing knowledge of Mandarin, but it is also designed for absolute beginners. The method is primarily audio-lingual which means it is based on listening and speaking and getting the learner to learn through repetition, and the repetition ensures that vocabulary and understanding are logged in your long term memory.  It covers practical vocabulary such as Meeting and Greeting, Ordering Food, Travelling in the City, and you will listen to native speakers talking and learn to understand what they are saying simply through listening and explanations.

Everywhere Chinese has drawbacks. The audio lingual method is quite one dimensional. You learn by listening and repeating so there is no text for you to consult and no detailed notes for you to consolidate your understanding. The only saving grace is Byki, which you upload to your computer. This is much more engaging and interactive, allowing the learner to see words and images and hear them pronounced correctly. This complements the course beautifully and adds more dimensions to language learning than the audio course would by itself. Again, if you are looking to simply learn conversational Mandarin at a basic level or simply get the bare bones of Mandarin so you can survive in the city, this course is for you. It may lack the depth of classroom courses, so for those looking for an all-encompassing, dynamic course, Everywhere Chinese will not be for you.

Overall Everywhere Chinese is a good course for those wanting to learn conversational Mandarin using the audio-lingual method. For those wanting a more detailed or all encompassing package that is computer based with a wider variety of activities, there are better programs on the market. At the bargain price of under fifty dollars Everywhere Chinese and Byki combined will supply you with enough practical Mandarin to get started or pave the way to a sophisticated level of Mandarin comprehension. Everywhere Chinese will help the beginner build from scratch and consolidate and develop the skills of a more knowledgeable Mandarin learner. Give it a try! You can download Byki Express free and try it out for yourself!

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