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eChinese Learning is a unique product in the area of language learning. Its primary method of tuition is Live Lessons with native Mandarin teachers. The lessons are conducted through Instant Messenger or Skype, and the teacher also has use of a blackboard to help explain and consolidate your learning. eChinese Learning is primarily a virtual language learning experience with a real (yet) virtual teacher. Will a virtual teacher and curriculum cut it for you or do you prefer to learn alone using the latest software? Either way, find out if eChinese Learning might suit you. Read on...

Live Lessons do have advantages. Many people prefer to have a knowledgeable human being at hand, particularly when learning a language as complex as Mandarin. The tutor will guide you just like in the classroom, providing thematical content and language activities based around the core skills of speaking, listening etc. All lessons are 50 minutes long and are designed by professional teachers and tailored to suit your level and needs. As well as your tutor, you have a one-to-one advisor who will help find the best package for you and your language needs. It is also possible to request that the lessons you undertake be recorded, which enables you to review and revisit what you have learned. Quite simply, eChinese learning offers you a virtual classroom, perhaps even a virtual school, for individuals or even classes to learn Mandarin. eChinese Learning could be tailored to a school curriculum or even for an individual business person looking to improve their business Mandarin for work. Each course has a number of levels so you can start as a beginner or at a more advanced level depending on your prior knowledge. What's more enticing? You can have a free trial. All you need to do is fill in your details, including telephone number, and within 24 hours you will receive a call to set  up your free lesson. You can try eChinese learning free and see if it suits you!

How much can you learn over Skype? Well, it's not an easy question to answer but there may be drawbacks. It would seem that eChinese learning is focused mainly on communicative learning, that is, speaking and listening skills. Perhaps if you wanted a more detailed approach eChinese Learning might not be for you. There could be all kinds of technical problems if you have a temperamental internet connection or don't have the most up-to-date version of Skype or indeed your Skype signal is temperamental. In fairness, in the first lesson you establish with the tutor that your computer and connection are suitable and then it entirely depends on your learning style. If you prefer to study by yourself then there are better packages. If you like having a native teacher to work with, following a clear and logical study plan, then eChinese Learning is must for you.

Overall, eChinese learning is a great idea. It offers you a tailor made lesson package with a native teacher. Your plan is logical, and structured to your Mandarin needs and is designed to progressively build up confidence and a working knowledge. If you are a highly motivated learner and have the goal of learning Mandarin for work, travel or life then eChinese learning is for you. Visit the site now and sign up for the free trial and wait for the call. Find out straight from the eChinese learning horses' mouth what they can do for you.

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