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Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition Reviews

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Transparent Chinese (Mandarin) Complete Edition Costs & Features

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  • Transparent Mandarin Chinese Complete Edition: $179.95
  • Package includes:
    • Byki Deluxe Mandarin
    • Everywhere Chinese.
  • Available in:
    • Win – Electronic Download.
    • Win – Boxed Shipment.
  • Transparent Mandarin Chinese Complete Edition
  • Guiding you towards proficiency in Mandarin, this is an extensive multimedia package, including:
    • language computer program
    • internet resources
    • audio lesson
    • mp3 files
    • lessons
    • games
    • stories
  • Complete Mandarin curriculum taking you from beginner to advanced.
  • Mandarin lessons covering over 20,000 Mandarin words and phrases for you to learn.
  • Helps build an extensive and useful Mandarin vocabulary that you can revise whenever you need.
  • Develop confidence in your ability to speak using Mandarin to help with pronunciation.
  • Learn the difficult task of learning to read and write in Mandarin with practical writing tasks.
  • Watch the full immersion videos that will help you speak and develop your listening comprehension.
  • Learn on the move or at your own convenience with the audio CD's.
  • Record your pronunciation and compare it with a native speaker to help improve your pronunciation.
  • Track your progress at all times and see how your Mandarin is developing over time.
  • This course will develop every aspect of Mandarin.
  • Particular focus is given to real world conversations, such as:
    • 'Getting A Taxi'
    • 'Asking For Directions'
    • 'Travelling'
    • 'Asking The Time'.
  • Package includes Byki Deluxe
    • Helps build up your vocabulary with games, quizzes and audio, as it tracks your progress.
    • Byki contains thousands of words and phrases pronounced by a native Mandarin speaker.
    • Create your own customized vocabulary list as you progress through the package.
    • Advanced Pronunciation allows you to record your pronunciation and compare it with native pronunciation.
    • Learn on the move with Byki Deluxe on your iPod, mp3.
    • Byki also has a unique system that means it will periodically remind you of what you have covered and encourage you to revise, so if you have forgotten something or need some revision, the system will remind you.
  • Package includes Everywhere Chinese
    • Offers audio lessons which are portable and suitable for you to use outside the house or office.
    • Designed to be portable and accessible Everywhere Chinese contains 36 audio lessons for various levels, from beginner to a more advanced level.
    • Everywhere Chinese (Mandarin) contains over 4 hours of audio content in CD or mp3 format.
    • Lessons are on a listen and repeat basis. Excellent for those wanting to revise or who are busy and want to learn on the move.
    • Contains overview of vocabulary and grammar points as well as real-life dialogues to help you practice your listening and speaking.


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