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Category: Teach Yourself Chinese Guides
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Chinese Pod Costs & Features

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  • Chinese Pod Premium
    • 1 month: $29
    • 3 months: $79
    • 6 months: $149
    • 12 months: $249
    • 24 months: $399
  • Chinese Pod Basics
    • 1 month: $14
    • 3 months: $39
    • 6 months: $74
    • 12 months: $124
    • 24 months: $199
  • Chinese Pod Praxis Pass
    • 1 month: $39
  • Chinese Pod Classes
    • Standard: five 20 minute sessions per week for:
      • 3 months: $1,068
      • 6 months: $1,899
      • 12months: $3,549
    • Light: two 20 minute sessions per week for:
      • 3 months: $539
      • 6 months: $974
      • 12 months: $1,774
  • All Include one month no-risk, money back guarantee.
  • Chinese Pod Premium
    • Paid subscription to Chinese Pod gives you access to thousands of lesson in Chinese Mandarin.
    • Learn at your own level – beginner, intermediate, advanced.
    • Chinese Pod will teach you the pin yin system of writing as well as many lessons on practical and conversational Mandarin.
    • Access to 20minute classes one-to-one with a Mandarin teacher by telephone or Skype; this means the classes are available whereever you may be.
    • The Natural Approach; Chinese Pod emphasizes communicative and comprehension based lessons which means the focus is on conversation with a strong emphasis on speaking in realistic situations.
    • The Lexical Approach; this approach tends to focus more on vocabulary and how words are used rather than focusing on lots of technical grammar. Grammar is taught but within the context of the lesson.
    • Lessons review dialogue, vocabulary, grammar, listening and speaking, so all the core skills of language learning are covered.
    • Chinese related 'news' channels which allow you to develop your interest in Chinese culture using: Media News, Poetry, and Videos.
    • Access Chinese Pod via your mobile phone whether you use Apple or Android.
    • Access to a extensive database of podcasts on every subject imaginable on Chinese Pod by using the Chinese Pod Library.
    • Help and Support are available by telephone or on the website via Live Chat, so you can chat with a consultant about technical problems or language problems.
    • Option to download lessons in PDF format means you can save them and revise as and when you like.
    • Access a host of blogs and websites dedicated to Mandarin learning, Chinese culture and much more.
  • Chinese Pod Basics
    • Access thousands of lesson in Mandarin on a huge variety of practical subjects.
    • Access lessons in PDF form.
  • Chinese Pod Praxis
    • Access thousands of lessons across all the Chinese Pod websites.
    • Covers the core skills of language learning: speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary.
    • Access course content via your mobile phone whether Apple or Android.
    • Create your own vocabulary list which allows you to build up and track your Mandarin language awareness.
    • Save your work and use all the Chinese Pod devices.
  • Chinese Pod Classes
    • Structured curriculum that will help you progress your Mandarin at a faster pace.
    • Class Sessions of either 20 minutes or one hour.
    • Offline course in a fixed location for one hour.
    • Skype-based classes up to one hour a session.
    • Chinese Pod Class up to 20 minutes over the phone.


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