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Before You Know It (BYKI): Chinese Reviews

Before You Know It (BYKI): Chinese image

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Website: http://www.transparent.com/personal/bykideluxe

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Before You Know It (BYKI): Chinese Costs & Features

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  • Byki Deluxe: $69.95
  • Byki Mobile: $7.99
  • Byki Express: Free Download
  • Byki Deluxe
    • Byki will help you learn thousands of words and phrases on a wide variety of themes.
    • Words pronounced by a native Mandarin speaker to help you improve your accuracy.
    • Chart your own vocabulary development by creating and customizing your own vocabulary list. You can practice your vocabulary and share your list with other users on List Central.
      • List Central is an online resources for Byki users which allows you to interact with other vocabulary lists that other users have created.
      • Join the wider Byki language community and share your experience and communicate with other Mandarin learners.
    • Learn on the move using your mp3 player with special audio language-learning mode.
    • Use Advanced Pronunciation Practice which allows you to record your voice and compare it to a native speaker.
    • Byki uses a engaging and exciting Flash Card Interface which will help you expand and develop your vocabulary with images.
    • Download free Byki Express online and become familiar with Byki's teaching format before buying.
    • Watch the Byki video which guides you through how program works.
    • Subscribe to the free word of the day which helps build your vocabulary.
    • Learn about Transparent Method of learning.
    • Read and interact with blogs on or about Mandarin Chinese which will help broaden your horizon and widen your understanding.
    • Access to online Byki help and support for all your technical and language problems.
  • Byki Mobile
    • From the palm of your hand learn over 1000 essential words and phrase.
    • Hear words and phrases spoken by native speakers and improve your pronunciation. This includes a slow down feature, allowing you to hear every nuance pronounced.
    • Read Chinese Mandarin on your phone which will help you improve your reading comprehension.
    • Track your progress as you work your way through Byki Lists building up your awareness of Mandarin vocabulary.
    • Download more vocabulary lists and updates from your own mobile.
    • Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android.


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