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Fluenz (Mandarin Chinese) Costs & Features

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  • Fluenz Mandarin 1+2 costs $338
  • Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3 costs $398
  • Fluenz Mandarin 1+2
    • Includes a Fluenz Phrase Book to help build your vocabulary and knowledge of useful phrases as you learn.
    • DVD and CD which contain the course you will undertake, suitable for Mac and PC.
    • Fluenz Brochure which allows you to see what other offers and updates are available with Fluenz.
    • Access to online Fluenz podcasts which work as a supplement and complement to the CD & DVD course.
    • One-to-one tutor who guides you through the course with detailed explanations and examples, providing you with a human centered, teacher led approach.
    • Tutoring sessions take about two and a half hours to complete, featuring conversation practice, reading practice, listening practice, writing practice, and grammar practice.
    • Fluenz has 13 different types of interactive workouts that test your knowledge and literally gives you a cognitive work out in the areas of speaking, reading, writing and listening.
    • Builds your knowledge of Mandarin and also prepares you to move onto more advanced levels in Fluenz 3.
    • Offers real life themes that aim to make Fluenz a useful and practical learning experience.
    • Covers practical conversational topics including:
      • Making reservations at hotels and restaurants
      • Expressing needs and desires while shopping
      • Taking public transport
      • Making appointments with the doctor
      • Holding telephone conversations.
    • Programme consists of:
      • A welcome introduction and methodological explanation
      • 45 language sessions focusing on:
        • grammar points
        • conversational Mandarin
        • the four tone system of Mandarin
        • writing and reading pin yin
      • A conclusion which summarises what you have learned and how you can continue to develop.
    • Fluenz website also complements the audio course.
    • Try out the free online demo to see if the method suits you.
    • Try out the free 'Day One Mandarin' which claims to provide you with enough Mandarin to use on your first day.
  • Fluenz Mandarin 1+2+3
    • A Fluenz phrase book navigator to help build your vocabulary and knowledge of useful phrases.
    • 2 DVD's and 2 audio CD's which features all the courses.
    • Brochure which allows you to see what other offers and benefits Fluenz can provide you with.
    • User Guide which explains how the programme works and all the technicalities of installing onto your computer.
    • Podcasts which complement the CD and DVD course work.
    • Fluenz 2+3 claims to move beyond the basics of Mandarin and move you toward more complicated and subtle forms of communication, for example, enjoying sporting events, expressing opinions and beliefs, navigating through towns and cities confidently, making reservations, and being able to interact socially and in work situations.


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