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Beginners Chinese (Yong Ho) Reviews

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Beginners Chinese (Yong Ho) Costs & Features

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  • Paperback + 2 CDs (on Amazon.com): $19.31
  • Best selling book teaching you Chinese Mandarin from Hippocrene publishers.
  • Redesigned and updated format of book and cd's to suit the modern learner.
  • Written by language expert Yong Ho who has taught English at the University of China.
  • Paperback book with 326 pages to help you learn Mandarin Chinese in a thorough and engaging way.
  • Two audio Cd's which includes ten practical dialogues with native Mandarin speakers and vocabulary exercises. 
  • Sentence patterns, conversations and vocabulary.
  • Core language skills: speaking, reading and writing. The writing focuses on pinyin and traditional Chinese characters.
  • Up-to-date information on Chinese culture in Cultural Insight section.
  • Easy-to-read presentation of Chinese written characters.
  • Detailed information on order of brush strokes when writing traditional Chinese characters.
  • New section on how to read and write in Chinese characters on a computer.
  • Book written in English with pin-yin translations where necessary.
  • Teaches you practical Chinese including but not limited to, ordering something to eat or asking for directions, talking about family.
  • Detailed sections on the pronunciation of Chinese vowels and consonants.
  • List of bibliographical resources which allows you to seek out other useful books on Mandarin learning.
  • List for student of internet resources.


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